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"Dr. Jodi Politz has been immersed in the medical field for as long as she can remember. When she was growing up in Maryland, her father is a retired podiatrist and her mom is a retired registered nurse. It was a natural career for Politz to step into."

"After graduating from Chicago’s Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine she completed her residency at Yale, before moving to Las Vegas. Now, Dr. Politz is the force behind Mountain Podiatry, where she treats all foot and ankle-related disorders, including but not limited to diabetic foot care, ingrown toenails, tendonitis problems, warts, corns, calluses and fractures of the ankle, foot and toes."

High Heels and Flip-Flops Affect Women Differently

"NV Podiatrist Las Vegas podiatrist Jodi Politz, says the acute pain caused by extreme heels can radiate all the way up the body. However, she says high heels do not affect everyone the same way. "If it feels good, wear it. If it doesn't feel good, it's not good for you. Just because your best friend says it feels good for her, it might not be good for you. Feet are different. Everybody's different. Everybody changes differently. Everybody walks differently," said Dr. Politz.

Politz says some people with aches and pains are unaware that flip flops may be the underlying cause. "There's no support to them. The lack shock absorption. A lot of people start to develop foot pain, heel pain, ankle pain, knee pain, which can continue up the body, causing some lower back pain, shoulder pain -- once again, relating to the mechanics of the foot," said Dr. Politz. On the flip side, as with high heels, everyone's different. "If you're not experiencing any discomfort, any problems, just continue on," said Dr. Politz. Dr. Politz says regardless of the type of shoe you're wearing, if they're causing discomfort, switch to something else, at least for a few days to see if it makes a difference. Source: KLAS-TV CBS 8 (NV) [5/30/08]"

Mountain Podiatry
Making your feet feel– - and look - their best

"The moment you walk through the open doors of this spa-like environment, you’ll know something is – different. “Would you like coffee or water?” the receptionist asks immediately. Between the comfortable chairs and couches, the art-filled walls and the laid-back, conversational attitude, this doesn’t feel like your ordinary doctor’s office.

"That’s because it’s not. Mountain Podiatry is the creation of Dr. Jodi Politz, an outgoing woman who’s as comfortable on the soccer field or sand volleyball court as she is in her doctors’ scrubs."

"Politz has been in business here for ten years, but has been around podiatry since she was 10 years old. Her father was a podiatrist and her mother was an RN, so her career path was a natural."

"While her specialty is “anything from the hip down,” Politz also has three whirlpools for her patients and offers paraffin and wax treatments and mini foot massages."

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The Magazine of Summerlin & Beyond

"Dr. Jodi Politz first learned about podiatry working in her father’s office as a child. Now, her mother, a registered nurse, and her father, a retired podiatrist, can typically be seen working in her office."

"As an adult, the East Coast native attended the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago and the VA Connecticut Healthcare System, an affiliate of the Yale Medical School. She held a private practice in Chicago for a year before heading to the warmer climate of Las Vegas in 1998."

"By 2001, she opened Mountain Podiatry, 653 Town Center Drive, Suite 118, with a different look at conventional podiatry. Always a “spa kid” at heart, Dr. Politz wanted to treat her patients to comfort and relaxation along with superb medical care. Whirlpool treatments and toenail polish were perks most patients received to raise their spirits."

"In April, Dr. Politz’s dream of having a spa attachment came to fruition. Fützpah 118 treats patients, and outside clients alike, to pedicures (including pregnancy and sports), manicures and various massages, including reflexology and hot stone, with their health in mind “a contemporary twist on the medical spa scene,” she says..."

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Bless Your Sole (Advertorial)

"Picture this: you head to the spa for a day of beauty, and you come back with an infection? It’'s not a farfetched story – unfortunately, it’s an all too common occurrence. As a second generation podiatrist, Dr. Jodi Politz has seen more than her share of such cases. Frustrated with the volume of warts, ingrown toenails, and infections that her patients were getting from spa pedicures, and aware of the risks such treatments can run to her diabetic patients, Dr. Politz decided to remedy the situation. She created an extension of her medical facility, Mountain Podiatry, which would provide clients a much-needed fusion of upscale spa services and medical supervision. Thus, Fützpah 118 was introduced to Las Vegas: the pampering ambiance of a high-end salon with the hygienic standards of a medical clinic. Your tootsies (and ‘tips) are in for a treat at Fützpah 118, here you’ll find a spa menu full of lavish choices, from therapeutic massages to paraffin wax treatments to polish.

"Sexy in Summerlin,” for example, is a 75-minute pairing of a full manicure and the popular, toecurling “Fützpah Footsie” pedicure. Specialty pedicures for pregnant women, athletes, and sufferers of diabetes round out the extensive selection. And what spa would be complete without amenities? Fützpah 118 has plenty of those...."

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The Magazine of Summerlin

"I should have known when I called Dr. Politz at Mountain Podiatry to schedule her Success Story interview that it would be anything but average. I arrived at the beautifully furnished Mountain Podiatry, and was immediately greeted by a staff member and taken to Dr. Politz office. I thought this was great; an appointment with a doctor that did not require a long wait. I was eager to begin the interview and learn about the doctor who has been able to save limbs of patients who were previously told they needed amputation. However, Dr. Politz wanted to talk about everything except her success."

"That Friday they were having a potluck birthday party for Tommy Albert, Dr. Politz assistant of three years. Dr. Politz insisted I get something to eat. I walked into the break room and thought staff members were going to look at me like I was lost. Surprisingly, they were very personable and introduced themselves, making me feel completely at ease..."

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So Vegas Magazine

"Dr. Jodi Politz has gotten a real foothold on the city of Las Vegas, and, to those who know her, it comes as no surprise the podiatrist has always had chutzpah but, as of this month, she ll have Futzpah, as well. That s because Futzpah, which will open early this month, is the name of the new 1,800-square-foot addition to Politz s successful Summerlin practice, Mountain Podiatry, located on Town Center Drive. The facility will provide a new and contemporary twist to the medical spa scene with salon and massage services, while providing direct access to a podiatric physician and state-of-the art medical sterilization equipment. Along with that, the venue will offer the sense of well-being and comfort that a luxurious spa is known for."

"Our goal is to provide a service to our clients that will surpass all expectations of what a salon/spa has to offer, says Politz. We ll have a full staff of therapists every day of the week. It will be a contemporary and very pampering scene. There will be a lounge and coffee, and soft drinks and wine will be served. There will be flat-screen TVs over every pedicure chair and wireless headphones. We'll offer manicures, pedicures, reflexology, stone massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and a twostep hydrating massage, which I haven't seen anywhere else in Las Vegas. The latter is a dry exfoliation with lotions applied ..."

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The Magazine of Summerlin

"When patients walk into Mountain Podiatry, it's easy to see the warmth and attention to detail that Dr. Jodi S. Politz has tried to give her patients. The waiting room is furnished with a purple leather couch and coordinating chairs and artwork."

"She received her undergraduate degree in psychology at Northern Arizona University, earned her medical degree at Scholl College Chicago and did her residency training at Yale University in Connecticut. She moved to Las Vegas in 1998 and worked at Desert Orthopedic before opening her own practice, Mountain Podiatry, in 2001..."

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